Thank you for your interest in joining the MJK Performance Dealer program. 


Any dealers that wish to sell MJK Performance products on a E-Commerce or Internet Sales platform must complete the E-Commerce Application in additional to the regular Dealer Application. 


Minimum Requirements for becoming a Dealer:

  1. A legitimate established motorcycle shop in the industry
  2. A store front on a commercial property
  3. Regular business hours
  4. Commercial Website
  5. Social media presence on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter etc (not all required)
  6. Dealers must be able to provide a dedicated area in their showroom to display MJK Performance products.   



Please complete the appropriate application(s) below for consideration in becoming an MJK Performance dealer.


Dealer Application: Dealer Application


E-Commerce Dealer Application: Ecommerce Application

Dealers are NOT permitted to sell MJK Performance products on any E-Commerce type platforms without prior approval. Failure to do so will result immediate action and loss of dealer status. 


The more supporting documentation you provide the faster we are able to process your application. Please complete our dealer application and email it back to us at If you have any questions, please call us at 1-403-250-7919.