The  “Low Rider” motorcycle was a build in homage to the low rider culture. Ever since I was old enough to see out of the window of my dad’s truck I remember seeing low rider cars in Los Angeles with their front ends up and the back ends laying down. I thought they were the coolest cars I had ever seen. Since I have been building bikes I notice the low rider culture in the motorcycle side that I always thought were beautiful. Hopefully I do the low rider scene some justice by building this motorcycle.

The platform of this bike was built off of a 1976 FLH that was purchased from a customer who inherited it from her late father. It has a 4 speed transmission, Panhead swing arm, 93 cubic inch Panhead engine all polished, machined and built in-house.

There is a tone of unassuming fabricated parts and modifications on this bike that are hardly noticeable to the untrained eye.


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