The Knuckle Motorcycle was a turning point for Mad Jap Kustoms in 2010. It showcased our craftsmanship abilities and creativity beyond any boundries.

The frame is our in house hand made zero up zero out 30 degree neck. The engine is an original 40EL Knuckle and matching transmission. The gas tank and oil bag are hand made from copper, not copper plated as many have mistaken it for! The paint job on the frame is House of Color Candy, with hand laid gold leaf in pinstriped outline. The seat is a rigid mounted hand crafted solo.



Frame: 0 Stretch No Up No Out 30-degree neck
Motor: 40EL Knuckle
Tranny: 4 Speed 1940
Drive: Open Chain
Shaved Sporty Front End
21″ Front Wheel Spooled 40 Spoke
16″ 3.5 40 Spoke Rear Wheel
Twin Carburated
Copper Gas Tank and Oil Bag (not copper plated)
Mad Jap Funky Monkey Bars
Mad Jap Foot Controls
Mad Jap Exhaust
Mad Jap Radial Mounted Rear Brakes
Mad Jap Seat Pan
Cascade Upholstery on Seat (Local)


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